Year : 2013

Place : Labo BnF, Bibliothèque François-Mitterand, Paris

Client : "Locating the Text" festival, launched under the leadership of Paragraph Laboratory of the University of Paris 8, the Excellence Arts-H2H Lab, and Laboratory Music and Computer Marseille (MIM)

Credits : Team of "Chercher le Texte" festival and BnF,

Ccenography :  Hélène Bootz 

Signage : Colline Guinchard


The exhibition of "digital literature offers yesterday to tomorrow", at "Chercher le Texte" festival, discover a panorama of different streams of digital literature. Beyond the page, text, digital literature, is a multimedia, animated, unstable, temporary, generated, interactive. Natural language will be confronted with other expression systems: the image, sound, movement, but also to act or computer code. Yet far from being lost or blend into a world of signs, the language found in "augmented".

1. First steps, first concepts 

2. Leave the book? 

3. Reprogramming and translation of works 

4. From print to digital 

5. Facets of digital reading 

6. Textual materials 

7. Pencil software, creating new aesthetic