Entre la Plume et l'Épée

Year : 2012

Format : 14,5 × 20 cm

Client : Association JEEP (Young Teams Educational Popular) of Strasbourg

Credits : Colline Guinchard in collaboration with Mathilde Auvray (Makeitbold)


This book is the outcome of an initial project that began in 2006 with two educators of the JEEP association (Marie Lotz and Stella Funaro). It is the result of gathering together slam texts written by young residents of the Neuhof and Hautepierre districts in Strasbourg. Slam poetry depends much on the way of declaiming a text and therefore it sets minimal rules for writing, thus granting the author with considerable freedom in his expression. Assisted by professionals - Slam poets, musicians - sponsored by French Slam artist Ab Dal Malik, the participants told with both humor and seriousness the stories of their city, their district, their family and their everyday life. Texts being divided into thematic chapters on the theme of the quest of the knight, the book design plays with certain codes of classic anthologies, both in its lay-out and paper material.